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East Coast Women's Pro Golf Tour (ECWPGT) Rebrands as NXXT Under NEW OWNERSHIP!

Let’s Work Together

The NXXT Women's Pro Golf Tour, previously known as the East Coast Women's Pro Golf Tour, is a testament to the evolution and growth of women's professional golf. This rebranding highlights our drive to push boundaries in women's golf, championing the exceptional skills and talents of our female players. The NXXT Women's Pro Golf Tour continues its dedication to providing a competitive platform for aspiring women golfers, featuring a series of captivating tournaments. For the latest updates, schedules, player profiles, and more, you can visit our newly designed website at


Stuart McKinnon, CEO of the NXXT Women's Pro Golf Tour and Meta Tech Capital Partners, remarked, "This rebrand emphasizes our deep-rooted commitment to enhancing women's golf and fostering the next wave of athletes." Embodying "Inspiring Today, Defining Tomorrow."


The NXXT Women's Pro Tour is not just about the game but about shaping its future, endorsing emerging talent, and redefining the narrative of women's golf.

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