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A GOLDEN ATTITUDE Creates Low Scores

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The NXXT Golf Tour Mental Game Series by Dr. Robert K. Winters

Article # 1

Creating a Positive Foundation

As an applied sport psychologist who works with many of the world’s best players, golfers often ask me, “What do you think is the “secret” to shooting low scores in competition, especially when there is so much pressure for me to perform well?” I always respond with this: If you truly want to shoot lower scores and become a “player of the game,” the best place to develop the “secret” is not in your physical swing or mechanics, but in your mind and your attitude!

I am convinced the “real secret” to great shotmaking, putting and scoring is this: “You must get into each and every shot with full intention and decisiveness, have a specific plan or strategy in mind, and then trust what you have programmed your body to do, and then DO IT!” This idea is so important, I want you to go back and read this paragraph again. I’m serious. Do it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back. The point being is this: I want every player that I work with focused and enthusiastic about every shot they will hit! This is what I emphasize, no matter how simple or difficult the shot may be, how challenging or boring the golfing situation presents itself, or how well or poorly the golfer is playing that day. In this way, the playing focus, attitude, and mindset of the player is in “the present” and not distracted by what has happened in the past or what could happen sometime in the future. The playing focus is on “this shot and only this shot!” This type of mindset is what I call “THE GOLDEN ATTITUDE.”

“THE GOLDEN ATTITUDE” reinforces the notion that with each new shot, you are filled with enthusiasm, hopefulness, positive expectation, and belief in your ability that you can be successful, no matter what has happened in your immediate past! By using this attitude on every shot, it allows you to be totally focused in the “now and new” versus the “old and bad.” (Consider this attitude an efficient way of being “task oriented” versus “result oriented!”).

“THE GOLDEN ATTITUDE” also helps you to “stay on track” with your thinking instead of “derailing” yourself with thoughts and feelings of missed shots, missed putts, or uninspired play of the previous few holes. It also helps you to stay on task versus thinking about what others are doing or how you are doing compared to them. The focus is about YOUR process, not on the consequences of the shot or what others are thinking or doing!

Think about this: Imagine how good your game would be if every time you got over a drive, iron shot or putt, you had the feeling that “this is the shot which will put me in the groove!” How good do you think you could score if you allowed yourself to think and feel like this? The results would surprise you!

What’s sad is that most young golfers (and even veteran tour players) ruin their games with ineffective thinking and unproductive attitudes. The problem is basically this: most golfers who are overly concerned about their results or score tend to live and die on each shot! They put so much extra pressure on the situation, themselves, and the outcome, that they create a mountain of negative anxiety inside their minds and bodies!

This in turn, produces excessive pressure to perform appropriately and they fail to achieve normal or effective results. By simply adopting a “GOLDEN ATTITUDE” philosophy, every shot becomes a new and exciting challenge that makes the game of golf more enjoyable and lower scores more attainable!

Bringing it HOME!

Summing up, if you are frustrated or upset with your present golf game or worry about trying to play perfect golf, put a “new attitude” into your bag! Commit to the philosophy that on every shot YOU are going to give 100% effort and focus, and after the shot is over, accept the result and move on!

Understand that using this type of thinking is easier to talk about than it is to do, but make sure you are committed to this new attitude! The most destructive thing that players do is become motivated for the first couple of holes with positive thoughts and feelings but abandon those good thoughts when things start to go wrong. Committing to using a “GOLDEN ATTITUDE” will help you play your best golf armed with a strategy that strives for a consistent and positive attitude towards building high self-confidence!

May you always play with a Golden Attitude! And remember…. The moment that you change your mind….you change your game!®

About the author: Dr. Robert K. Winters

Dr. Winters is an internationally renowned sport psychologist and is regarded as the leading authority on sports vision, golf and putting psychology, and developing confidence. Dr. Winters is the Resident Sport Psychologist for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy World Teaching Headquarters at Reunion Golf Club located in Orlando, Florida. He is known worldwide as “The Confidence Doctor.” Dr. Bob is a former collegiate golfer and coach and has played at every level of professional tournament golf. His clientele’ consists of touring professionals, collegiate, junior and amateur golfers from around the world. If you would like to reach Dr. Robert K. Winters personally, you can contact his cell number: 407 340 7785. You can also visit his website at or reach him via email at “Change Your Mind….Change Your Game®


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