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NXXT Women’s Pro Tour to ignite a new era with the launch of NXXT TEAMS Golf

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of women’s golf, the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour proudly introduces NXXT TEAMS Golf. This revolutionary concept will see players engaging in two simultaneous competitions – an individual stroke play event and an exhilarating team competition.

NXXT TEAMS Golf is not merely an addition to the tour; it’s a transformative platform designed to breathe new life into women’s golf. The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour aims to forge new pathways, redefining the landscape of professional women’s golf. This initiative underscores the tour’s unwavering commitment to revolutionize and elevate the sport. It provides a dynamic platform that resonates with touring professionals, the millions of golf enthusiasts worldwide, and attracts diverse audiences to the sport while respecting its rich traditions.

“Our primary objective is to enhance and complement the current landscape of professional women’s golf, pushing it to unprecedented levels of excitement and engagement with fans spanning across generations.” STUART McKINNON, CEO NXXT GOLF

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour recognizes the rich tapestry of golf’s traditions but seeks to create a fusion of heritage and innovation. NXXT TEAMS Golf is more than just a league; it’s a driving force for positive change within the global golfing community.

Key Highlights of NXXT TEAMS Golf

Dual Competitions for Unprecedented Thrills

Players on the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour will showcase their skills in both individual and team events. These dual competitions will add a new layer of excitement and strategy to the tournaments.

Individual Stroke Play: A Battle of Excellence

The individual event will feature a Stroke Play format, with athletes competing over 54 holes. The player with the lowest score at the end of the tournament will be crowned the individual champion.

Team Dynamics: Unleashing Collective Brilliance

TEAMS (each comprising four players) will engage in an event where the lowest three scores for each round contribute to the cumulative team score. The team with the lowest cumulative score at the end of 54 holes will be celebrated as the Team Champions.

Separate Purses for Individual and Team Achievements

Recognizing the significance of both individual and team accomplishments, NXXT Women’s Pro Tour will offer separate purses for the individual and team events, ensuring that athletes are rewarded for their outstanding performances on both fronts.

EPSON TOUR Exemptions for Winter Series Top Performers

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour Winter Series, spanning from November 2023 to the end of March 2024, holds special significance. The top 5 points earners in individual stroke play during this period will be awarded two exemptions each into the EPSON TOUR, a testament to the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour’s dedication to providing career-advancing opportunities for its athletes.

The Winter Series concludes with the Tour Championship at the esteemed Adena Golf and Country Club on March 25-27, 2024 featuring a substantial $50,000 purse.

About NXXT Golf

NXXT Golf is committed to pushing the boundaries of women's golf, creating opportunities for exceptional athletes to showcase their talents. The NXXT Women's Pro Tour serves as a premier platform within the NXXT Golf umbrella, dedicated to promoting excellence, camaraderie, and the spirit of competition among women in golf.

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