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Paris Hilinski Captain
Led by the fierce Paris Hilinski, the Storm team is known for their competitive spirit and tenacity on the golf course.
Megan Werenski Captain
Megan Werenski and her team are known for their grace and finesse on the golf course, earning them the name “Angels.”
Lauren Miller Captain
Led by the talented Lauren Miller, the Wizards are known for their magic around the greens, making them formidable opponents.
Alexandra Swayne Captain
Under the leadership of Alexandra Swayne, the Pirates bring a sense of adventure and daring to the NXXT TEAMS Golf League.
Micaa Thomas Captain
Micaa Thomas leads the Vipers, a squad with a knack for finding the target and delivering accurate shots.
Jean Reynolds Captain
Jean Reynolds’ Flushers are renowned for their precision and ability to find the perfect line on the greens.
Payton Schanen Captain
Payton Schanen’s Legends team has a storied history of golf excellence, and they aim to continue that legacy.
Abbey Daniel Captain
Led by captain Abbey Daniel the sharks are known for meticulously managing the courses waiting for a time to strike.
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