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Our Policies & Guidelines


  • Amateur Eligibility
    Female Amateurs who are 15 years of age or older by the 1st round of any NXXT Golf Tour event they register to play and will be eligible to play on a space available basis only and must have a World Handicap System Index of 4.0 or less. Additionally, amateurs are eligible to win up to $1,000.00 per tournament on the NXXT Golf Tour.
  • Course Markings
    The tournament course will be marked by the Tour staff prior to the event. In addition to the normal course markings, the staff will place one, two or three small dots to indicate each day's pin placement for the tournament.
  • EPSON TOUR Exemptions
    This year we will be awarding 10 EPSON TOUR exemptions to our top 5 points earners! 1. Every player gets points for playing in every tournament. 2. Our year end top 5 points winners will receive the 10 EPSON TOUR exemptions – 2 exemptions each. 3. Once the EPSON TOUR schedule is finalized, we will advise on which events our winning players will gain access to; they will be for the beginning of the season. 4. We must have a minimum field of 40 players for any event to qualify for the exemptions.
  • Equipment Rules
    To help ensure that players competing in the Tour tournaments use equipment which conform to the USGA Rules of Golf, players are encouraged to: Confirm with equipment manufacturers that new equipment or samples have been approved by the USGA. Have any altered or unusual clubs checked out by a Tour Rules Official before tournament use. Verify that the ball chosen to be played is on the USGA’s Conforming Golf Balls list. If a player fails to submit her equipment prior to competition, she assumes all risk of a ruling should the equipment NOT conform with the USGA Rules of Golf. Additionally, if required by a Tour official, a player is obligated to surrender any equipment if it is determined that additional off-site testing is necessary to rule on conformity. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Electronic Devices The use of distance-measuring devices will be permitted in all NXXT Golf Tour events. The device must be used to only measure distance. If a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4.3a(1). Mobile cell phones may be used to contact a Tour official, check the leaderboard, check the weather forecast or used as an electronic distance-measuring device. Examples of uses of an electronic device that may assist the player in her play and therefore in breach of Rule 4.3a(1): Using the device to ask for or give advice, or Listening to music or a broadcast for prolonged period might assist the player in her play by eliminating distraction or promoting a good tempo. Other electronic devices such as radios, ipods, MP3 players, televisions, and the like, are NOT permitted. Any use of such device during the stipulated round will result in disciplinary action and possible DISQUALIFICATION. (Use is defined as the device being on at any time during the stipulated round).
  • Golf Carts for Disabled Family Members
    While we will make every effort to accommodate disabled family members who need golf carts, we remind the players that additional golf carts on site at tournaments create numerous logistical concerns. As such, we have worked closely with tournament organizations to reduce the overall number of carts used during each tournament week. The following policy shall be applicable for members seeking to obtain the use of a golf cart for a disabled family member: The request for the use of the cart must be made by the Tour member and must indicate the name of the person, the nature of the disability, and if requested by the Tour, provide medical reports or other data indicating the extent and nature of the disability. A request must be made for each individual tournament and must be made no later than the Tuesday of the tournament week. Carts will be made available only to family members who have a disability that prevents them from walking along with their players. Cart fees may apply. The Tour Director’s decision shall be final. If a cart is issued to the family member, the following rules relating to the use of the cart shall apply: Carts must remain on paths at all times. Carts will NOT be permitted in designated practice areas (e.g., range, putting green, etc.) at any time. If in the Tour Director’s opinion, use of the cart could potentially damage the playing surface of the golf course (e.g., due to wet course conditions), the Tour Director shall have the right to deny the use of the cart.
  • Junior and Corporate Clinics
    We believe clinics are an important part of a NXXT Golf Tour tournament experience and will be offered to the host site for all tournaments, usually the day before the tournament. Each clinic will require min of 5 professionals. Players will be asked to volunteer for clinics. Clinic information will be posted on the Ops Center message board and the tournaments Schedule of Events. NOTE: every NXXT Golf Tour player is required to help with one clinic a season. If you commit and find yourself unable to attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Players failing to attend are subject to a fine in the amount of $100.
  • Late to the Tee
    The player must start at the time established by the Committee. The Tour encourages players to be present at the starting point of their designated starting hole at least ten minutes before the players scheduled tee time. Note under Rule 5-3a, Exception 1 – if a player arrives at the starting point and ready to play the player gets the General Penalty applied to their first hole. After five minutes late, the player is disqualified. The clocks at the starting areas are the “Official Time.”
  • Marketing & Promotion
    I understand that my image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording.
  • Pace of Play
    Out of Position First Group: at any time during the round they exceed the allotted time to play. Subsequent Groups: at any time during the round they; (a) exceed the allotted time and; (b) reach a par-3 hole that is open and free of play, reach par-4 hole and have not played a stroke from the teeing ground before the hole is open and free of play, or reach a par-5 hole and all players in the group have not played a stroke from the teeing ground before the hole is open and free of play. NOTE: The Rules Committee reserves the right to time a group when the Committee deems it necessary. Further, if a player is determined by the Committee to be unreasonably slow, she may be timed individually at the Committee’s discretion regardless of whether her group is out of position. Timing All players in a group that is out of position will be informed they are being timed. Below are guidelines for timing: A group falling behind or just out of position, if possible, will be warned. However, timing may commence without a warning. A group will be warned only once in a round. If possible, after a warning, a group will be monitored to determine if player(s) need to be timed individually. Timing could occur on any hole, including the finishing holes of a round or the next hole. Other than on the putting green, timing of a stroke begins when it is the player’s turn to play and he/she can play without interference or distraction. Time spent determining yardage counts in the time taken for the next stroke. On the putting green, timing begins after a player is allowed a reasonable amount of time to mark, lift, clean, and replace their ball, repair ball marks and remove loose impediments on their line of play. A player has 40 seconds to play a stroke, with an additional 10 seconds (total of 50) when first to play: stroke on a par-3; a second stroke on a par-4 or par-5; a third stroke on a par-5; a stroke near the putting green or, a stroke on the putting green. A player being timed, who exceeds the applicable time to play a stroke will be informed as soon as possible. Penalties During Round First Offense: no penalty Second Offense: one Penalty Stroke Third Offense: two Penalty Strokes Fourth Offense: DISQUALIFICATION Appeals Any appeal of a penalty must be referred to the on-site Director of Rules and Competition immediately upon competition of the player in question’s round. The Tournament Director’s decision shall be final. If the players in question does not appeal immediately upon conclusion of their round any penalties shall stand.
  • Player Attire
    Proper golf attire is required, and the LPGA dress code will apply at each event. Players are expected to dress and present themselves in a professional manner and reflect a positive image to the public (e.g. fans, sponsors, club officials, charities, junior golfers, etc.) when participating in NXXT Golf Tour events.
  • Player Conduct
    This is a professional tour and the NXXT Golf Tour expects all players to conduct themselves as such. Club throwing, offensive language, destruction of property, and any other conduct deemed by the Tournament Committee to be unbecoming of a professional will not be tolerated. The following is a list of the possible offenses and penalties: Offensive language (per tournament) First Offense: Warning Second Offense: DQ warning and $100 fine Third Offense: Disqualification and subject to dismissal from Tour Club Throwing (per tournament) First Offense: DQ warning Second Offense: Disqualification and $100 fine Destruction of Property (annually accumulative) First Offense: DQ warning Second Offense: Disqualification, $100 fine, and Tour expulsion warning Third Offense: Tour expulsion Striking a Tee Marker (annually accumulative) First Offense: DQ warning and $100 fine Any Subsequent Offense: $100 fine and Disqualification Failure to Rake Bunkers (per tournament) All bunkers must be raked properly and thoroughly after a player has played from it. Raking with a club or foot is not acceptable. The bunker should be left in better shape than when the player entered it in order to create equal conditions for all participants. If a caddie fails to rake a bunker, the player is held responsible for his caddy’s actions. Failure to rake a bunker, penalties are as follows: First Offense: DQ warning Second Offense: Disqualification and $100 fine Alcohol Consumption (per tournament) Alcohol consumption during tournament rounds will not be tolerated. Up to a $100 fine will be assessed for each violation with possible disqualification from the tournament. This will be the sole discretion of the Tour Officials. Excessive alcohol consumption during a practice round, Pro-Am, and/or alcohol abuse during a Tour function will not be tolerated. Up to a $100 fine will be assessed for each violation with possible disqualification from the tournament. This will be the sole discretion of the Tour Officials. In the administration of these player conduct guidelines, a member of the Rules Committee shall not tolerate abuse, oral or otherwise, by a player or caddy. Such abuse may constitute conduct unbecoming of a professional. Any excessive behavior deemed unprofessional is grounds for disqualification or tour expulsion, and is at the sole discretion of the Tour Officials. Players disqualified or expelled are not entitled to a refund or credit for their entry fee or Tour membership fee. Any fines incurred must be paid before the player will be allowed to tee off for the next round. This Conduct Policy will be strictly enforced and applies to all competitors.
  • Practice Areas
    Range balls will be provided at each tournament. Range hours will be determined by host course pro shop. Players must cooperate with the closing hours of the range. A $100 fine will be assessed if a player does not comply with the host course range policy.
  • Practice Rounds
    Official practice round days are 1-2 days before each tournament’s first round. The Tour will negotiate a practice round rate. In some cases it may be free. Price will be indicated on the tournament event page. Players must call the host course to arrange tee times in advance.
  • Preferred Lies Policies
    Use of the Preferred Lies is a Local Rule. We will always put the notice that we are playing preferred lies in the starter box. While we will instruct the starter (a volunteer) to notify each group, it is the players’ responsibility to check the starter box for the notice of play. As a professional golf tour, the NXXT Golf Tour strives to honor the principles of “Play the ball as it lies.” However, adverse weather conditions can make a course nearly unplayable under the rules of golf due to temporary water on the greens, in bunkers and in closely mown areas of the General Area. Under the rules for Temporary Water, if a player takes relief in the General Area, she must take full relief at the nearest point of complete relief, no nearer the hole. When a course is extremely wet, the nearest point of complete relief from temporary water may be in the rough or behind a tree, etc. This local rule is to be used one round at a time and it may be discontinued for the next round if the course can be played under the rules. It is Important to note, the Rules Committee will not use this local Rule simply because the ball may have a tendency to pick up mud. But rather, this Local Rule will only be used in extreme situations when it would be impactable to play the course fairly under the Rules.
  • Pro-Am Tournament Criteria
    On occasion, the NXXT Golf Tour will host a charity or corporate pro-am prior to the event. Pro-ams provide you the opportunity to meet influential people and make contacts you may not otherwise get to meet. The number of professionals needed varies per event. If selected and you opt not to play, players will be allowed to miss a maximum of two Pro-am tournaments over the course of the year. If a player needs to miss a Pro-am, she must notify the Tour by 5:00 PM on Friday before the tournament week.
  • Professional Eligibility
    The NXXT Golf Tour is a highly competitive tour for professional female golfers, open to female professionals and amateurs meeting requirements below. Female Professionals who are 15 years of age or older by the 1st round of any NXXT Golf Tour tournament for which she is registered. The NXXT Golf Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone.
  • Purse Payouts
    Purse distribution will be made within 5 business days following the final round of each event pending the completion of paper work to the administration. Players will be required to fill out their paper work prior to the first event. It is is the player’s responsibility to ensure the TOUR has the proper information. Direct deposit is not available for foreign players without a US social security number, TIN or ITIN, and US Federal Law requires the NXXT Golf Tour to withhold 30% of foreign players’ winnings for US taxes. Purse payments can be mailed to foreign players with a US mailing address, or payments can be wired to the foreign player’s bank account (wire fees apply). A wire authorization form will be sent to all players that do not provide a US Social Security Number, TIN, or ITIN on the registration form. Note: a player must complete all rounds of the event as played to receive a purse payment. However, should a player need to withdraw after the cut due to a medical or family emergency, she would receive the place check. The purse for each event is set at $20,000 USD; provided there is a minimum participation of 72 players. Purses in fields of less than 72 players will be 47% of the entry fees. For example: 40 player field $11080 purse, 60 player field $16620 purse. Purses subject to be increased based on corporate sponsorship. 1. POINTS for EPSON TOUR exemptions a )Every player gets points for playing. The more you play improves your odds of obtaining EPSON TOUR exemptions. b) Our season end points winners will receive the EPSON TOUR exemptions. c) For an event to qualify for EPSON TOUR points, the field must be a minimum of 40 players. d) Top 5 point winners at season end will each receive 2 EPSON TOUR exemptions into the 2024 EPSON TOUR schedule (beginning of season, to be detailed once EPSON TOUR schedule is finalized for 2024). 2. PURSES: a) For 3-day events there is no cut and we pay out 40% of the field. b) Sample of 72-person field; we would pay out 29 players (more if ties). c) Purse would be min of $20,000 for this field, more if tournament has corporate sponsorship. d) Payout sample is based on formula from LPGA. **Any payouts under $100 USD will not be paid out until either a) your earnings total over $100 USD or b) at the end of the Winter Series schedule.** Purse breakdown based off of a field of 72 players*** Place Percentage Payout 1. 14.00% – $2,800 2. 8.75% – $1,750 3. 6.50% – $1,300 4. 4.90% – $980 5. 3.70% – $740 6. 2.95% – $590 7. 2.35% – $470 8. 1.95% – $390 9. 1.70% – $340 10. 1.45% – $290 11. 1.25% – $250 12. 1.10% – $220 13. 0.97% – $194 14. 0.88% – $176 15. 0.78% – $156 16. 0.73% – $146 17. 0.68% – $136 18. 0.63% – $126 19. 0.58% – $116 20. 0.53% – $106 21. 0.48% – $96 22. 0.44% – $88 23. 0.39% – $78 24. 0.34% – $68 25. 0.32% – $64 26. 0.30% – $60 27. 0.28% – $56 28. 0.26% – $52 29. 0.24% – $48 Points (Rankings): 1. 500 2. 320 3. 230 4. 180 5. 145 6. 120 7. 100 8. 90 9. 80 10. 75 11. 70 12. 65 13. 60 14. 57 15. 55 16. 53 17. 51 18. 49 19. 47 20. 45 21. 43 22. 41 23. 39 24. 37 25. 35 26. 33 27. 31 28. 29 29. 27 30. 25 31. 24 32. 23 33. 22 34. 21 35. 20 36.19 37. 18 38. 17 39. 16 40. 15 41. 14 42. 13 43. 12 44. 11 45. 10 46. 9.5 47. 9 48. 8.5 49. 8 50. 7.5 51. 7 52. 6.5 53. 6 54. 5.5 55. 5 56. 4.8 57. 4.6 58. 4.4 54. 4.2 60. 4 61. 3.8 62. 3.6 63. 3.4 64. 3.2 65. 3 66. 2.8 67. 2.6 68. 2.4 70. 2 71. 1.9 72. 1.8 73. 1.7 74. 1.6 75. 1.5 76. 1.4 77. 1.3 78. 1.2 79. 1.1 80. +1
  • Registration and Payment Info
    Registration Procedures 1. Registration for professional players is on a first come basis. 2. Players are encouraged to register for all events they intend to play in to ensure their spot in the field. 3. There is no deposit required to register for an event 4. Registration fees will be charged to your credit card 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. 5. Registrations in the last 2 weeks before an event are charged an additional $50 late registration fee 6. Entry deadline is 3 days prior to the start of an event. 7. For withdrawals email and see more in the Withdrawal section.
  • Scoring Policies
    Immediately after completion of a round, players must bring their scorecards to the designated scoring area to check scores, sign cards and return them to the scoring official. It is the player’s responsibility to verify her hole-by-hole scores, as well as those of the player for whom she was the marker. Per USGA rules, once the player has turned in her scorecard and left the boundary of the scoring area, the scorecard is considered official. During the round, at specific scoring checkpoints, the player may be asked by a Tour Official or volunteer for her score in order to update any on-line scoring. These requests will be made as unobtrusively as possible. Cooperation by the player is required and greatly appreciated. Scoring checkpoints are generally as follows: Round 1 & 2: 5, 10 & 15 and tees Round 3: same unless live scoring is available
  • Spectators Welcome
    With the exception of caddies, all spectators must stay out of the fairways and off of greens and tees during play. It is permissible to gather near tees and greens, but we ask that spectators stay on the cart paths or rough while walking the course.
  • Tee Time Procedure
    Initial pairings are selected at random. Players will be re-paired after each round by tournament ranking. Official tee times will be posted by 5:00 PM, two days prior to the first round. Pairings will be posted at the Tour Operation Center on the tour website. Tee-times will also be sent via text message to each player, so it is the player’s responsibility to provide a contact number and enable text messages on the registration form. Tee times are NOT available at the Tour office. We reserve the right to create Featured Pairings based on location and for promotional purposes.
  • Tournament Check-in
    Check-in Days/Times are typically the day before or the day of a tournament. Players who are officially registered must check in at the onsite Operation Center in advance of the tournament. Player Profile pictures will be taken at their first event.
  • Tournament Entry Criteria & Ops
    Tournament registration is available through the NXXT Golf Tour website under the tournament schedule. Click on the registration button next to the tournament you wish to sign-up for. Registration opening and closing dates are on the schedule. Once a player registers, her status will show as registered and on the player list. If the tournament fills before the 14 day priority deadline, players will be moved to the waiting list according to the Priority List below. Entries will be taken by registration date in the following order of Priority: Category 1: All NXXT Golf Tour Professional Members Category 2: Non-member Professionals Category 3: NXXT Golf Tour Amateur Members. Amateur players (top 75 ranked Golfweek Collegiate Rankings or top 200 on the current WAGR). Amateurs unranked will be considered on a case by case basis by email at You will be notified by phone or email. Category 4: Non-member Amateurs; Amateur players (top 75 ranked Golfweek Collegiate Rankings or top 200 on the current WAGR). Amateurs unranked will be considered on a case by case basis by email at You will be notified by phone or email.
  • Tournament Format
    Most tournaments will consist of 54-holes of stroke play (weather permitting). The maximum field at most events is 72 players, including 1 sponsor/host exemption. 2023 and 2024 in most cases, will feature a no-cut format to give players their “reps.” We do reserve the right to enforce a cut depending on field size and other factors. When a cut is implemented, it will be noted in the tournament notes page and the field will be cut after 36 holes. The top 40% of the starting field, including ties will advance to the final round. Amateurs are included in the cut number and eligible for prize money consistent with current USGA/R&A rules. Ties will be broken for first place only and will be broken by a “Sudden-Champion” (commonly known as sudden-death) playoff after all scores have been officially approved and posted. The designated starting hole for a playoff will be determined by the Committee when necessary. All subsequent holes will be determined on site. Players are required to walk. Players may carry their own bag or use a push cart during tournament rounds. Should a player bring or hire a caddy, the caddy may use a push cart but must wear a caddy bib when provided. The NXXT Golf Tour reserves the right to amend this policy during tournament play should golf course conditions be unfavorable (i.e. wet/saturated areas that may be affected by push carts). All players will be notified of any change prior to the start of a tournament round.
  • Use of Caddies
    Employment of a caddie is optional. Players may carry their own bag or use a push cart during tournament rounds. It is the player’s responsibility for the conduct and behavior of her caddie. It is the player’s responsibility to find a caddie. Local caddies shall be paid promptly. The Tour takes no responsibility for the player/caddie relationship. Caddies MUST wear a Tour caddie bib when supplied during each tournament round. Caddies may use pull/push carts during tournament play. If the Tour authorizes the use of golf carts, caddies may have to walk. Appropriate golf attire is required for all caddies. Caddies must wear non-spiked rubber-soled shoes. Golf spikes and flip flops are prohibited. Caddies must assist in maintaining the course by REPLACING/FILLING DIVOTS AND RAKING BUNKERS as soon as possible after their players have played. During a round and when play is suspended caddies may not hit shots or putts anywhere on the practice areas or course except in specially approved competitions. For any violation of these regulations which affect play, a fine of $100 will be levied against the player of the caddie.
  • Weather Policy
    All decisions for tournaments affected by rain or extreme conditions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the tour officials, host professional and event sponsors. Any weather-shortened tournament is official only after 36 holes, with tour officials making every effort to complete as many rounds as possible. Play may be extended an extra day, but not beyond. No partial rounds will count. A tournament may be cancelled if 36-holes cannot be completed. Refunds will not be issued for rained out play.
  • Withdrawal to Play in an EPSON TOUR/LPGA
    First, congratulations for being called up! Players who are scheduled to play in a NXXT Golf Tour event, but qualify or become eligible to play in either a LPGA or EPSON TOUR event that same week will receive a full credit for their tournament entry fee less a $50 administration fee. Players need to notify the Tour office/staff of their desire to transfer their entry to another tournament as soon as they gain access to the LPGA/EPSON field. If the player requires a refund, there will be a $50 administrative fee. No refunds are issued once a player tees off at a NXXT Golf Tour event.
  • Withdrawals and Cancellation Policy
    To withdraw from any event, players are required to notify us at Withdrawal requests will be considered valid if received before 5:00 PM EST, seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the first round. Upon fulfilling these conditions, players have the option to either transfer their entry fee to a forthcoming tournament without incurring any additional charges or receive a refund to their credit card. A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from all refund amounts. In the event of withdrawals occurring within seven (7) days of the tournament, the player's entry fee for that specific tournament will be forfeited. Withdrawals due to medical or personal emergencies within this timeframe will be reviewed on an individual basis. If such withdrawals are approved, a $50 administrative fee will apply. Once a player has started tournament play, neither refunds nor credits will be provided. Participants who are registered as "No Shows" will not be eligible for refunds or credits.
  • Waitlist Criteria
    After a tournament field has reached its capacity (to be determined by the tournament committee for each event, but usually set at 72), a waiting list will be established. As spots become available, players on the waitlist will fill the field in the order of priority by registration date. The Tour will contact the player to let her know if a spot opens. It is the player’s responsibility to provide a valid contact number and email, as well as to let the tour know if her plans change and she wants to be removed from the waiting list.
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