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Historic Achievement on the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour

Updated: Mar 14

Amelia Garvey Shatters Golfing Odds: First Professional to Score Eagle, Albatross, and Ace in a Single Round.

In a groundbreaking moment at the NXXT Women’s Championship at Royal St. Cloud, Amelia Garvey achieved what no other professional golfer, regardless of gender, has managed before. Garvey scored an eagle, albatross, and ace in a single round, setting a new benchmark in golfing excellence.

Defying the Odds at 37.5 trillion to 1 on the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour

This remarkable feat, with odds pegged at 37.5 trillion to 1 for amateurs and an astronomical 4.5 trillion to 1 for professionals, underscores Garvey’s exceptional skill and perseverance. It serves as a historic milestone, not only for Garvey but for the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour, showcasing the platform's capacity to host performances that redefine the sport.

NXXT Golf: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Legends

The tour is renowned for its role in developing the next generation of golfing legends, as demonstrated by the successes of alumni like Bailey Tardy who finished tied for 4th at last year’s US Open at Pebble Beach, and Nataliya Guseva, a former 3-time winner on NXXT and now a full-time member on the LPGA and LET Tours. Amelia Garvey’s historic round further cements the tour's reputation as a crucible for the sport’s future stars.

“Today’s achievement is beyond my wildest dreams. I hope to make it into the history books for other things, but I definitely won’t forget this day.”


TEAM Pirates GC Triumphs at NXXT Women’s Championship

Alongside her individual success, Garvey played a pivotal role in leading TEAM Pirates GC to victory in the team competition. Under Captain Jean Reynolds, and with key contributions from LPGA veteran Haeji Kang and teammate Julianne Lee, TEAM Pirates GC showcased the depth and talent fostered by the NXXT Women's Pro Tour.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Garvey’s unprecedented performance and her contribution to TEAM Pirates GC’s win are set to inspire future golfers. The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour remains committed to breaking new ground in golf, eagerly anticipating the next remarkable achievements its athletes will deliver.

About the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour is dedicated to fostering the growth of women’s golf, providing competitive opportunities for emerging talents and seasoned professionals alike. Through its series of events, the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour aims to showcase the best in women’s golf, offering a platform for players to compete, grow, and achieve their professional goals.

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