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NXXT Women’s Pro Tour Unveils Dynamic New Merchandise Collection.

Empowering Women in Golf with Style and Innovation.

Miami, Florida, May 24, 2024 – The NXXT Women's Pro Tour is excited to announce the launch of its latest merchandise collection, now available at This new lineup includes a stylish range of golf hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and other exclusive NXXT gear designed to empower female golfers with a modern and edgy style.

Celebrating the Iconic XX Logo

Our iconic XX logo, symbolizing the female XX chromosome, captures the essence of NXXT’s mission to create a supportive platform for women to achieve their dreams, whether on the golf course or in their professional lives. This emblem reflects our dedication to advancing the future of women’s golf and fostering a community where female athletes can thrive.

Highlights of the New Collection

Golf Hat Collection  Trendy and functional hats for every golfer.

T-Shirts and Hoodies Stylish and comfortable apparel for everyday wear.

Exclusive NXXT Gear Unique items that embody the innovative spirit of NXXT.

Limited Edition “Born To Play” Collective Specially designed to celebrate and support female athletes, this limited edition series underscores our commitment to growing the game for women.

Our new merchandise is not just about style; it's about supporting the journey of female golfers. With our partnership with the LPGA for Epson Tour exemptions and the introduction of Team Golf, NXXT is at the forefront of creating more opportunities for women in golf.

Support the Tour

By purchasing NXXT gear, you’re not only enjoying high-quality merchandise but also contributing to the growth of the Tour and supporting female golfers on their path to the LPGA. Your support helps us continue to provide opportunities and foster the next generation of women in golf.

Explore the full collection and join us in celebrating the strength and spirit of women’s golf. Visit to shop now.

About NXXT Women’s Pro Golf Tour

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour is revolutionizing women’s golf by offering a modern and bold platform for female golfers. Through innovative initiatives and a commitment to excellence, NXXT is dedicated to empowering women and redefining the future of golf.


Stuart McKinnon, President


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