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Unlocking Value with Women’s Sports: Why Sponsoring NXXT Golf Delivers Unmatched ROI

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Billions continue to flow through the global sports ecosystem, with women's sports franchises and league valuations seeing rapid appreciation. This momentum signals growing interest from owners, media partners, sponsors, and a diverse range of fans. However, the underbelly of this positive shift reveals a disheartening reality: earnings for women athletes lag significantly behind those of their male counterparts.

A comprehensive study commissioned by RBC in collaboration with Wasserman and The Collective (Wasserman's women-focused division) titled “The New Economy of Sports” offers pivotal insights into the economic landscape of women's sports. The research aims to:

  • Address the athlete income disparity.

  • Highlight the enormous potential women athletes offer to brands and sponsors.

  • Equip stakeholders with concrete data to champion change.

The Disconcerting Disparity in Women’s Sports

The RBC Wasserman study unveils some unsettling statistics: male athletes, on average, take home salaries 21 times larger than female athletes. This isn’t a mere reflection of on-field prowess but of long-standing structural and systemic barriers, from skewed funding and insufficient infrastructure to media’s lopsided coverage.

The alarming pay gap forces the majority of female athletes into a precarious position, often requiring them to take on second or even third jobs to ensure financial security. Indeed, sponsorships and endorsements make up a staggering 82% of the typical female athlete's income. Yet, despite their evident market value and appeal, a disproportionate 90% of sponsorship dollars are funneled towards male athletes.

The Untapped Potential in Women’s Golf

Despite these challenges, female athletes continue to demonstrate unparalleled value to brands. Traditional compensation models relying on audience size often overlook the unique engagement value of women in sports.

The RBC Wasserman study found that women athletes:

  • Engage with a younger, more affluent, and better-educated audience.

  • Drive social media interaction at twice the rate of male athletes.

  • Propel brand content to outperform brand-owned channels by at least 4 times.

Furthermore, brands that align themselves with women athletes bask in enhanced perception, being seen as 14% more inspiring and a whopping 43% more inclusive.

The Future Looks Bright for Women’s Golf

Stuart McKinnon, CEO of NXXT Golf, captures the sentiment succinctly: “The evidence is clear. Partnering with women athletes isn’t just a matter of fairness—it’s a savvy business move. At NXXT Golf, we understand the unique value and immense potential of women’s sports. It’s high time the industry recognizes the unmatched ROI that comes with supporting and sponsoring these incredible athletes.”

Today, as fans and brands begin to appreciate the depth, diversity, and dynamism women bring to the sports arena, we stand at a pivotal juncture. Aligning with women's sports is not merely a nod to gender equity; it’s a strategic decision that promises significant business impact and brand value. NXXT Golf, with its forward-looking approach, is poised for this change. Join us on this journey.

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