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NXXT Women’s Pro Tour Emerges from ECWPGT, With New Leadership and Vision for Growth

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour, evolving from the East Coast Women’s Pro Golf Tour (ECWPGT), proudly announces Stuart McKinnon as the tour’s new owner and President. The seasoned CEO and founder of MetaTech Capital Partners, a Miami-based VC firm, is ready to steer the rejuvenated tour towards unprecedented growth and expansion.

Previously known as ECWPGT, the tour was one of the few women’s professional developmental golf tours in the United States. Now under McKinnon’s leadership, it will transition its headquarters from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, to Miami, and rebrand as the NXXT Golf Tour.

The former ECWPGT had an impressive inaugural season, with 13 events hosting over 300 players and distributing more than $300,000 in prize money. Seven of its players earned the privilege of qualifying for the 2022 US Women’s Open. Almost 70 of the Tour’s participants progressed to the second stage of LPGA Q School, with seven reaching the final Q Series. Three players ascended to acquire their LPGA Cards via Q School, including Yan Liu, a tour champion who graduated from the Epson Tour to the LPGA Tour after finishing in the Epson Tour money list top 10. Other ECWPGT players who successfully attained their LPGA Tour Cards include Bailey Tardy, Sofia Garcia, and advisory board member, Isabell Gabsa.

Reflecting on his personal connection to the sport, McKinnon shared, “As a father to a professional golfer, I’ve gained an invaluable, first-hand perspective on the unique challenges and triumphs these women face both on and off the golf course. This personal experience has been instrumental in shaping my vision for the NXXT Womens’ Pro Tour. It’s more than just owning and leading this tour; it’s about fostering an environment that nurtures talent, ensures their needs are met, and keeps their dreams within reach. This tour's purpose resonates deeply with me, and I'm committed to elevating our dedication to the sport and these extraordinary athletes even further.”

McKinnon, an entrepreneurial powerhouse with expertise in wealth management, is recognized for his creative strategies and devotion to fostering emerging technologies and companies in need of investment capital and strategic advice. The daily operations of the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour will be directed by McKinnon’s team, with several key members of the existing staff maintaining their positions to ensure a smooth transition.

The NXXT Women's Pro Tour will announce the new, full Winter Series in late August with registration beginning Sept 1, 2023. This novel series spans November 2023 to March 2024, encompassing 14 Championship Events held on some of Florida's premier golf courses. Designed to bridge the winter void when the LPGA and Epson Tours are on hiatus, the Winter Series stands as a testament to NXXT Golf’s commitment to ensure year-round competitiveness in women’s golf. With this initiative, NXXT Golf offers a ceaseless platform for women athletes, empowering them to maintain their competitive edge throughout the year.

In addition, the tour is thrilled to present its LPGA Q-School Prep events in California. These events offer an incredible opportunity for athletes to play on the same courses played at the LPGA Q-School, gaining invaluable tournament experience. The Cali Q-School Prep Series includes two exciting tournaments: Cali Q-School Prep Series #1 Indian Wells Country Club, Palm Desert, CA August 19 to 20

Cali Q-School Prep Series #2 Mission Hills Country Club – Arnold Palmer Course August 22 to 23 Interested players can register for these events at

About NXXT Women's Pro Tour The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour is at the forefront of the progressive transformation in women’s professional golf, embodying the vision of “Inspiring Today, Defining Tomorrow.” It presents an exciting reimagining of the sport, devoted to fostering inclusivity, equality, and a heightened profile for women's golf on the global stage. With a commitment to year-round opportunities and competitive platforms, the NXXT Tour is not just about playing golf; it’s about changing the narrative, encouraging emerging talent, and shaping the future of the sport we love. Player registration for the inaugural Winter Series will open on September 1, 2023, at our new website Stuart McKinnon, President

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